5 Things to Try with Your Partner Tonight



  • Make an evening of it starting with food and drinks. Have something light to eat and something bubbly to sip on. If oysters aren’t your thing opt for something a little bit spicy, chili is a potent aphrodisiac.


  • Dress up for each other. We can all be guilty of being busy and forgetting about the little things, even wearing a pair of stockings with a suspender belt will not go unnoticed or an extra bit of grooming to show her you care.


  • Set the room, buy candles, put fresh sheets on and even lay some toys out, you can run a bath and put some rose petals in, lighting is key. Just making these little changes will make a huge difference and will instantly add an air of romance to any date night.

  • Start with really light contact and build up as slowly as you can, really tease each other. So even just kissing each other, really make it last, kiss all over those erogenous zones, all over your body and use your fingertips without going for the obvious spots. What’s your rush anyway?



  • Massage each other. Use a massage oil that has a relaxing scent to it, begin with your partners back and start with pushing away from the spine using the palm of your hands. Then why not make it a complete body massage leaving the best parts till last.



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