5 Foreplay techniques to drive your partner wild

  • The first tip may seem relatively simple but it makes a huge difference, use lubricant! Lubricant is a sex toy in itself and it will make you feel more aroused especially with foreplay. I recommend a silicone lubricant because it will last longer and give you plenty of time to start playing but flavoured lubes can add an edge to oral sex.
  • When you’re performing oral sex on a woman take your time and even involve other elements. That could range from a butt plug to a vibrator or even using a piece of ice to add a different sensation to an already exciting adventure.
  • That goes the same for guys, take your time and explore with other. Everyone is different, use lube and try and involve toys. Holding a vibrator in the palm of your hand and holding it against your partner’s testicles whilst performing oral sex is a really good technique.
  • Focus on the whole body not just the obvious erotic zones, the whole build up can be better than the act itself. Even using a feather to glide across the nipples or the side of you neck can really get you going. Let’s not forget 40 days and 40 night’s guys and blowing gently can also raise sensitively.
  • There are concentrated gels which when applied can make you really sensitive and these are great for foreplay. Even though they may be more aimed at women, they work so well on men too. You’ll usually experience a tingly sensation and you can really feel a raise in sensitively.


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