Buy your Air Pulse Clitoral Vibrators at Taboo, Brighton & Hove’s favourite sex shop

Air Pulse Clitoral Vibrators are the latest vibrator trend, and wow do they work well! They combine an amazing touch-free pressure wave stimulation, with added powerful vibrations that circulate from the head of the toy, surrounding your clitoris with even more intensity while grounding sensations deeper.

A whisper-quiet motor for discretion powers them, but power isn’t compromised. Sometimes called suction toys, despite the fact they don’t suck, air pulse clitoral vibrators provide just the perfect kind of vibration, which will excite the clitoris to the perfect orgasm, whether it’s slow and building, or strong and explosive.

Many of the air pulse toys are fully waterproof – hello bathtime! All the newer Satisfyer toys are controlled via a Bluetooth app, so not only are they remote control but can be used over a big distance if both users have the app installed.

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