Buy your Electro Stimulators at Taboo, Brighton & Hove’s favourite UK sex shop

Try something new and different to enhance your erotic experience. Electrostimulation is a lot using a vibrator but even more unique. It’s an exciting way to add some more fun to your sex life. If you enjoy S&M or are curious how to get started this is an excellent way to explore the pleasure/pain boundary.

The mild electrical current sensitises your body to improve your erotic response by gently shocking the sensitive nerve endings under your skin. Stimulating your nerves makes them more alert so that your body has a heightened response to touch. This means that you could feel more sexual pleasure than usual when using ElectraStim sex toys during masturbation, foreplay and sex. The mild currents can also encourage increased blood flow to the areas surrounding the electrode, escalating the physical signs of sexual arousal and further sensitising your intimate areas. 

For personal use or with or with a partner electrosex stimulation provides an exciting jolt that gets the blood flowing …

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