Buy your Electro Add-Ons at Taboo, Brighton & Hove’s favourite UK sex shop

Set sparks flying in the bedroom and supercharge your stimulation with electro play and discover the thrill of pleasure/pain sensations

Taboo carries a wide range of electro add-ons. You can attach these to your electro stimulator. There is a choice of Electro butt-plugs,  Electro clamps, pinwheels and everything in between. These add-ons can enhance an already exciting experience. Electro add ons are made especially for electro-sex, making them quite unique and safe to use. Looking for something as a starter, then why not try out the Electra Pads in the Electro extras section. These come in a few different styles which work exceptionally well around the genital area. You can also check out our selection of Electro stimulators here.

Electro add ons are made especially for electro-sex, making them quite unique and safe to use. 

Electro sex stimulation is a form of BDSM play that uses electrical current to stimulate the nerves and muscles for sexual pleasure. If you’re new to electro sex, our selection of electro sex toys is a great place to start. These toys use mild electrical currents instead of vibrations to provide a unique and incredibly sexy sensation.

Guaranteed to make it an unforgettable experience, these high-quality products have been specifically designed to deliver super charged erotic pleasure. 

Electro Sex Toys will give you or your partner’s body some truly shocking thrills. These toys use electricity instead of vibrations to stimulate your most intimate body parts. Electrostimulation, also called E-Stim, is perfect for anyone who wants to try something new and exciting in the bedroom. The electronic waves target specific body areas for mind-blowing orgasms.

If you’re into medical or other types of play, electro sex is eminently worth exploring to enhance the pain sensation. Adding e-stim to your kinky collection provides a sizzling way of giving or receiving pain heightened stimulation. 

With a willing partner there’s plenty of fun to be had wiring them up for some electric shock therapy or inserting a probe to electrically stimulate them. 

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